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08:46, 05/09/2023
Our Professor is going to recruit graduate students in the BFD lab for the spring semester, 2024. The admission process begins Sep. 8 (to Sep. 19).
A Master/PhD combined or PhD course position (graduate student) is available in the laboratory of Jae-Heung Ko in the Department of Plant & Environmental New Resources at Kyung Hee University (KHU).
The research in my lab focuses on:
(1) Current understanding of the Genetics and Molecular Mechanisms Regulating Wood Formation in Plants (Kim et al. 2022, Genes (Basel)13(7):1181; Kim et al. 2023 Tree Physiol 43(7):1201-1217. Nguyen et al. 2023 International Journal of Molecular Sciences 24 (10), 8624.
(2) Understanding of the molecular mechanisms of secondary growth (i.e., wood formation) (Ko et al. 2004, Plant Physiology 135: 1069-1083; Ko et al., 2007, Plant J 50: 1035-1048; Ko et al., 2009, Plant J 60: 649-665) and
(3) Transcriptional regulation of secondary wall biosynthesis (Kim et al., 2013, Plant J 73: 26-36; Ko et al., 2014, Ann. Bot. 114: 1099-1107; Kim et al., 2014, Plant J 80: 772-784) by using molecular biology, bioinformatics, and genome editing technologies.
And other related biotechnology such as tissue culture, flowering, secondary metabolite, bioconversion, ect can refer to the link below:
We are seeking a highly motivated graduate student to work on the research focus areas. The successful candidate should have extensive experience or knowledge or interests in plant molecular biology. The whole university tuition (full scholarship) and monthly salary (discuss with Professor) will be supported.
This position is renewable pending the successful performance and funding availability. The Ko Laboratory is well-equipped to carry out the research. In addition, KHU offers a highly stimulating research atmosphere with a vibrant plant science community and provides state-of-the-art, well-run core facilities.
Please send a letter of interest and CV with the names of three references to Jae-Heung Ko ([]( and Thi Ngoc Anh Tran (
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