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05:52, 18/08/2020

I.     Position: Nutrition and Health Communication Staff

II.    Department: Public Relations

III.   Student major: Biotechnology/ Food technology

IV.   Gender: Female

V.    Main responsibilities/Assignment:

1.        Nutrition and Health Projects’ activities:

a.       Work with team members and health/nutrition organizations to study and develop contents for nutrition and health projects’ activities, including developing nutrition-balanced menus, information about nutrition and health for target audiences, etc.

b.      Cooperate with authorities/institutions (Government organizations, Universities, Hospitals, schools, etc.) in Education, Health and Nutrition fields to deploy nutrition and health projects’ activities, including training projects’ contents, carrying out direct visiting/meeting, online activities via website/software, email,…

c.       Update contents for the projects software and website, social media platform;

d.      Plan and develop contents related to health and nutrition communication, including media, videos, leaflets/posters, etc.

e.       Develop and maintain good relationships with nutrition and health institutions, and other institutions to realize health and nutrition projects.

2.        Scientific Affairs activities:

a.       Disseminate accurate information on products and their safety, especially that of MSG/Umami to external stakeholders (KOLs and influencers, academic societies, future influencers, general public) via workshops, seminars, lectures, tours, media, books and publication,..

b.      Develop and maintain good relationships with academic & health institutions (governmental bodies, hospitals, associations, universities and other institutions) and KOLs.

c.       Establish and standardize scientific communication materials and contents for direct communication activities (Plant/Office tour, Ajinomoto Cooking Studio, Cooking tour, Seminar, Lecture, Internal communication, etc.) and mass media communication.

3.        Other activities:

a.       Cooperate with internal departments and communicate with institutions to carry out activities to support company business;

b.      Collaborate with other groups of PR Dept. and other Depts. such as Application Products, Sales and Marketing to conduct campaigns/projects to support for business development;

c.       Carry out other jobs assigned by PR Managers.

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