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Undergraduate Medical Science Course in Tsukuba 2019

01:35, 07/11/2018
Undergraduate Medical Science Course in Tsukuba 2019

Undergraduate Medical Science Course in Tsukuba 2019

Selected students will be assigned to a laboratory within the campus of the Faculty of Medicine or Faculty of Life and Environmental Sciences. The students take part in research, attend lectures, and present their research results. During the 1 week’ period, both international and our students are expected to have an opportunity for cultural exchange and communication. Similar to previous years, we would like to invite two students to Tsukuba from Feb 18-Feb 23, 2018 to attend this course. Will it be possible to select two highly qualified students (preferably 2nd year undergraduate student) who are interested in pursuing graduate studies in biomedical sciences. 

Please note that students who have travelled to Japan for similar educational purpose do not qualify to receive a scholarship to attend this course.

Requirements: To be eligible, students must:

- Complete application form (attached form)

- A copy of the passport (if applicable)

- Academic transcript

Application Deadline: Nov 14, 2018

Interview: 15:00 Nov 16, 2018 - room I12 (Nguyen Van Cu Campus)

Please submit your application via Email:

with title: [Undergraduate Medical Science Course in Tsukuba 2019 ] [Your name] 

For more information, please see the program brochure in here or contact via email

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