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Webinar Building the sustainable material for the future

14:12, 13/09/2021
The last 5 years have seen a pronounced increase in excitement around “biomaterials” for the fashion industry. As brands consider their environmental and social impacts, along with rising ethical concerns from consumers, the search for more ‘sustainable’ alternatives is driving innovation. Wider trends are further contributing to interest in biomaterials; from climate change and the potential for lower carbon footprints vs fossil-based synthetic materials, the war on plastics, to the rapid growth of veganism and a rush to find alternatives to animal-derived materials. The webinar "Building the sustainable material for the future" aims to bring you knowledge about biomaterials for the fashion industry. The webinar is organized in framework of the course "Current topics in Biotechnology. 
Time: 7h30 am - 9h00 am Sep 16th, 2021
Register via:  before 12:00 AM Sep 15th, 2021
Language: English
Speaker: Ms. Uyen Tran
Uyen Tran is a textile-material researcher and designer originally from Viet Nam and now based in New York, who aims to establish a viable and complete system of biodegradable material products. Her goal is to create an eco-friendly, sustainable business model grounded in zero-waste and zero pollution. Uyen is passionate about innovating technology and concepts through a groundbreaking material revolution.
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