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Công ty Entobel tuyển dụng Quản lý dự án R&D

23:14, 21/08/2022
[ENTOBEL Dong Nai – HCMC Office] 
Position:  R&D Project Manager
Location: Vinh Cuu, Dong Nai (4 days/week at least), HCMC Office (1-2 days/week), Partners location
Car provided from Saigon to Dong Nai.


- Manage new projects of R&D department for product improvement and product development with a focus on functionalities and health – immune benefits of the insect derived ingredients Specifically, the project focuses on the characterization and understanding of those anti-microbial activity of the insect derived ingredients 
- End Goal will to have a commercial product available on the market with backed up health claims for application in aqua. 
- Take full responsibilities of all activities of the Project team in the R&D department, and report to the R&D Director the results achieved. This includes budgeting and discussion with external partners


- Design and set up laboratory with relevant equipment capabilities for the above-mentioned research and develop budget for the project.
- Review literature and adapt strategic R&D direction accordingly
- Coordinate with R&D partners and laboratories for chromatography, gene evaluation and protein characterization.
- Discuss with R&D Director and link to product development aspects. Commercial and industrial economic reality mindset is a must. 
- Assess immune effects in vivo (aqua species) with partners, coordinate those trials
- Performs other related duties as assigned of R&D Director.


Bachelor degree in Biology or Biotechnology; Master’s degree preferred.
More than 3 years’ experience in similar positions as A role as Team leader and commercial (not academic) oriented R&D is a must.
Depp understanding of aquatic diseases, immunology and microbiology, proficient in laboratory operations: microbial culture, protein extraction
Experience in writing scientific research reports.
Knowledge of budgeting concepts.
Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English.
Strong communication skills.

Salary and Benefits

You will receive a highly competitive package of salary and benefits
12-day full paid leave a year, insurances paid in accordance with the Law - flexible
On top of salary, the R&D Director will be eligible for company incentive programs
Travels to partners 
You will work directly with management team
You will be able to be proactive in building the R&D team - Recruitment
Strong upside opportunities

About us
Entobel is a Singaporean based biotech company developing the potential of the Black Soldier Fly – Hermetia illucens, an insect species well known for its bioconversion capacity and potential as a resource for various industries including animal feed and animal health.
Entobel mission is to close the loop in our global food system by upcycling low value biomass into functional ingredients thanks to insects. Please visit our website for more information: 

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