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Công ty AHI tuyển dụng thực tập sinh vận hành/trợ lý

20:06, 09/06/2022
Operation assistant intern (2 positions): will learn and be trained knowledge about company’s medical and diagnostic testing services, with a focus on biochemistry, genetics, biomedical fields.

Job descriptions:

reporting to Director’s assistant

sketching action plan for company’s projects and business to ensure everything to be on track

developing and recommending policies and procedure

helping to arrange and work with customers or partners (doctors, nurses) for telehealth services

customer services


medical biotechnology background or good management skills are advantages.

good communication and great work manner with other teams, business partners, and customers

proactive and willing to learn and grow

intermediate in Microsoft Office

Can be part-time or full time and flexible at where to work as long as the individual remains to work productively and effectively

Duration: 2 - 6 months, will be considered intern bonus and on-board based on positive performances

Friendly and dynamic working environment

Location: AHI office: Cao ốc Phú Nhuận, số 20 Hoàng Minh Giám, P.9, Q. Phú Nhuận, TP.HCM.

Intern applicants please send your CV to:


“Health is wealth!”. Health is the greatest asset, but in reality, we often only realize its value when it is lost or reduced. Doctors and health organizations play a crucial role in actively preventing or detecting diseases besides ourselves.

Determining the importance and humanity of health care services, AHI Co., Ltd was established with the best quality to serve the community. Therefore, only skilled, ethical and dedicated professionals, professors, doctors, technicians are welcome to work for AHI.

AHI’s motto is that from regular to specialized techniques for health check-ups, screening, disease diagnosis must also have the best standards and be scientifically verified. We bring medical and financial benefits to our customers by constantly researching, creating, updating, and developing new methods.

Working in health care is a rewarding career choice. You will have opportunity to exposure and be able to learn about scientific and clinical breakthroughs and solutions which are able to help people, make a difference and improve their life quality.




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