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Global Project-Based Learning@SUT 2022, gPBL@SUT

10:07, 09/02/2022
Resonating with UN Conference on Climate Change, COP26, to take action on climate change with one of the goals of securing net zero by mid century, gPBL@SUT 2022 calls for students as young people, to come forward and ideate for ways to reach net zero within your campus, in the virtual camp themed “Race to Zero Campus.” The poster and schedule are enclosed. The event is free-of-charge. Highlights of last year's event can be found here (

The objective of the camp is to address net zero issues on campusAs campus life resumes post pandemic, how might we do so in a more responsible, climate change aware and sustainable way.

 Join up with 60 international students to come up with ideas and innovation concepts to trigger behavioral changes, and solutions on campus to help curb climate change.

This international camp has been organized onsite at SUT every yearHowever, due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the camp has been transformed into a virtual campInternational students will form team with SUT students and virtually explore their campuses for net zero challenges, then select an issue close to heart and brainstorm to propose for conceptual solution or innovation prototypes that would help reach net zero on campus.

Highlights include:

·        Start off with equipping students with tools of problems exploration, project management

·        Green transportation experts

·        Green consumption experts

·        Climate action and block chain

·        My Campus sharing campus efforts and challenges 

·        Multinational teamwork competency, a skill highly valued in international firms

·        An e-certificate given to students after completing the program

·        Non-SUT students who wish to claim credits and SUT transcript for gPBL1-2-3 courses, may do so through SUTs global online course programPlease contact for details.

We kindly ask for interested students to apply in the Google form by February 28, 2022  so that we can manage the activities.

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