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17:43, 21/04/2022
JOB TITLE: Consultant on Biodiversity (level Elementary)


• Focus on scoping baseline surveys, conducting fieldwork, preparing Critical Habitat Assessment, international environmental impact assessment and management plans;
• Gain technical knowledge of the processes pertaining to the collection of baseline environmental, using IBAT and developing understanding of how impacts are interpreted and assessed;
• Undertaking field trips for weeks at a time if required with Vietnam
• Learn how to interpret spatial information relating predicted environmental impacts caused by a planned project;
• Work with ERM Vietnam office and other ERM offices in the world to develop our biodiversity team; and
• Provide support in the biodiversity team by undertaking research and data analysis for the environmental and social managers with the broader IAP team.



• Bachelor degree in a relevant environmental, scientific or engineering subject.
• Graduate or up to 2 years of experience in the biodiversity subjects.
• Fluent in English. The ability to communicate clearly and inclusively with colleagues, clients and stakeholders, both verbally and in writing.
• Ability to understand energy project components and activities.
• Ability to use Microsoft Word and Excel to an advanced level.
• Desirable, but not a prerequisite, skills and experience:

Use of IBAT and other biodiversity databases

Working on boats or in the offshore areas

Complex survey design and analysis

Education abroad in other countries



Interested applicants, please send updated CV to Ms. Hoa at

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